The music

This is one of my favourite places. It is used for both wine sipping and music listening.

As can be seen, I still have my old vinyl LP records, CDs are only beginning to enter the collection.

Graduated in acoustics, I pay some attention to my stereo. The loudspeakers are of danish design from a loudspeaker freak shop called Dansk Audio Teknik. In Denmark we have quite some good loudspeaker unit manufacturers, Dynaudio, Vifa, Scan-Speak, Peerless and others. I can recommend the Skandinavisk Selvbyggerside DIY loudspeaker building site for inspiration and fun.

The rest of my stereo is two home-made power amps, a NAD 1600 pre-amplifier with tuner, an Ariston RD80 turnable with a Micro-Seiki tone arm and a Benz MS20E pickup and a modified Rotel RCD-971 CD player (see description of the modification here).

The room is quite long (10.5 m) and there is a problem with standing waves. I am trying to work out a room tuning solution which will be acceptable to the general.