The spare time hobbies

I don't have one single hobby taking all of my time. However, some activities are more important to my identity than others.
jagt1.jpgOne of these is hunting. To me it is both a philosophical exercise and a sport.
Lately, I also tried making my own knifes.
Music means a lot to me. Years back, I practised piano, guitar and flute. Today my main instrument is the stereo set.
I also am very fond of my books. My parents had a book store in Copenhagen and I have been accustomed to reading since childhood. These days I read more journals and magazines. I feel like not having the consequtive hours needed to concentrate on a book.
Gastronomy also holds a place (just below) my heart. I have become member of The Evil Atheist Conspiracy. To be honest, both Evil and Conspiracy are put in for fun, but atheist I am.