The music

Like Duke Ellington, I only distinguish between two kinds of music : good and bad.

I enjoy rock, jazz and all the classical genres equally well. Some say that this is impossible, by not concentrating my efforts I am likely to end up as a poor scholar in them all. But I am not a scholar in music and I do not want to be. Music means enjoyment, reflection of moods and social activity.

Some favourites from the classical genres are Maurice Ravel, Gustav Mahler and Maurice Duruflé. Years back I started collecting Requiems, and I probably have some 25 different ones.

Today I am trying to get into the early music. By that I target ancient music, medieval music and some renaissance. It is a vast area, but the www is a great help in finding introductions.

As a tribute to nostalgia I also hold a lot of my old 70'es and 80'es rock albums. Focus, Pink Floyd and The Beatles are among those sometimes revolving on my turnable.
An old-time favourite is David Ackles. The combination of an almost music-hall musical style and descriptions of lifes' dramas took me by the heart. I then took learning from phrases like "They suffer least / who suffer what they choose", "Love's enough for anyone today".
Recently, I have begun listening to the combination of techno and world music. Especially the arab influenced Rai, and the music of Natascha Atlas appeals a lot to me.
In jazz, I never found too many resources on the www.

Anyhow, a couple of names need to be mentioned without any links : danish piano player Thomas Clausen, bass player Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, guitarist Philip Catherine, pianist Bill Evans, tenor Lester Young.