The hunting range

The hunting area consisted of approximately 0.6 km² near Odden færgehavn at the north-westernmost point of Sjælland in Denmark. Sjælland (Zealand) is the larger of the danish islands where also our capital København (Copenhagen) is found.
The farm where we went hunting, was organically grown. It has been so since 1951, when the parents of the present owner started growing it biodynammically according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner.
Our aim was to have a hunting range which was biologically balanced. Hunting in Denmark is often a kind of farming, where ducks and pheasants are raised and released shortly before the hunting season. During the season they are heavily fed. We will be going to examine the hunting methods and develop a formular which relies on the natural ressources.
During our first year we were surprised to see very few species. Due to the growing methods, there was plenty of food for the animals all through the seasons. Nevertheless, we mainly saw hare and pigeon. No pheasants, no partridge, no fox, no ducks and very little roe-deer. Probably the range was too open without adequate cover for most of the game. When they had to seek cover, they went to the coloni of summer-cottages just south of our range.
These two pictures were taken on December 5th, 1998. Me and my brother went there to take a look at the snowcovered landscape. Unfortunately is was quite windy, so we got both cold and wet during a few hours in the open.