The hunter

Hunting is controversial as it is an activity which includes killing other live beings.
Killing actually is the philosophical part of hunting. If we want to eat, we have to kill in order to avoid having the meal moving around on the plate. A simple philosophy. We can choose to kill only plants or plant abortions (fruits), we can chose to eat also animals or animal abortions (eggs), we can chose to do the killing ourselves or to hire a "contract killer". Still, what we eat must be dead.
jagt1.jpgI have decided to do some of the killing myself. I have kept chicken and rabbit in the back yard for slaughtering and eating. Hunting is equal to slaughtering game. However, hunting is also a recreation. Spending a lot of hours in the open, in all kinds of weather. Also, it is far less efficient than the chicken in the back yard.
The afternoon this picture were taken, we were waiting at a pond for the ducks to come flying. They outsmarted us and did not fly where we expected them to do it, so we didn't get any.
Hunting is also a sport with several social aspects.
jagt1.jpgOne of these is having to defend one's blod thirst to non-hunters. Such discussions can be a learning experience. But they haven't stopped me from hunting.
Another aspect is hunting parties like the one in the picture. I am leftmost with my dog, Milou. Next is my former hunting partner Hans-Henrik Scheibel and another member of our group, Henrik Vildgård, with his son Rasmus.
That particular day Diana was favourable to us.
Some years ago I tried to start up a new consortium with my brother, but the piece of land we got was too windy to attract any wildlife. Click here for more details on our hunting.
Today, I am member of a larger konsortium doing more conventional hunting at Vallø Storskov.
If you want to details on my dog, click here.